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New TRAC guidance that applies from 2014-15 has now been published. This is hosted on the HEFCE web site on behalf of all funders. The current TRAC requirements continue to apply for TRAC reporting for the year ending 31 July 2014, but once the 2013-14 TRAC reporting is complete, the HEFCE web site will become the sole resource for TRAC as well as financial sustainability materials.

Consolidated TRAC guidance

A set of consolidated TRAC guidance was issued to the sector in June 2005, along with a covering letter from the Chair of the JCPSG. The consolidated guidance brought together all of the guidance previously set out in TRAC volumes I and II, and also integrated TRAC volume III (full economic costing) and all of the updates issued throughout 2004. The set consists of the following:

An Overview of TRAC for senior managers and academics, this provides a non-technical introduction to TRAC, and a summary of the main features. (Please note, that the latest policy overview of TRAC has now superseded this document.)

Consolidated technical guidance, which consolidates the technical guidance issued in TRAC Volumes I-III and subsequent updates. It contains a search facility, links and drill -down features to help users find what they need. (Please note the consolidated guidance is now supplemented by the Statement of Requirements which was first issued by the TRAC Development Group in April 2009 and is updated at least annually to provide a comprehensive statement of the minimum requirements for all aspects of TRAC.)

The latest updates to the TRAC guidance approved by the TRAC Development Group are provided under Revisions to TRAC guidance, and are consolidated into Version 4.1 of the Statement of Requirements.

The HEFCE, advised by the TRAC(T) Steering Group has approved draft guidance for costing teaching (TRAC(T)). This guidance has been developed for England and Northern Ireland only at this stage.

The TRAC for Teaching Steering Group has overseen the development of an advice note on Course Costing in HEIs.

TRAC Support Unit The TRAC Development Group (TDG) has appointed KPMG to provide the Support Unit function for TRAC, taking over from JM Consulting and Funding Councils. This change was effective from 19 April 2010. Further details on the TRAC Helpdesk are available.

Past guidance

While the consolidated guidance supersedes TRAC Volumes I-III and subsequent updates, you may still access these manuals through Key Publications and past guidance in the Resources and Support section of this website.